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Such Vengeance
The Time is Now
Street: 09.11
Such Vengeance = Lamb of God + Killswitch Engage + Separation of Self
If you’re a fan of modern melodic metalcore, Such Vengeance has created an album worth listening to. The five piece band from Pleasant Grove sounds like a band that could be signed with the likes of Roadrunner, Victory, or Solid State records. Truthfully, it’s their loss they didn’t sign this band. I’d rather listen to the songwriting and true grit pissed off thrash n’ core of Such Vengeance than some of the tripe the bigger indie labels are touting as true angst. The production, while not as thickened as the band’s peers, works well for the album and the band’s sound, giving it a rawer edge instead of sounding micro-chip, clean-room clean. The only real complaint here is that clean singing needs a little bit more confidence––the vocalist goes a bit wavery and uneasy sounding ,and it plays out as sounding inexperienced. Other than that, if you like the genre these guys play there’s enjoyment to be had here.