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Such Vengeance

Golden Leaves, Rotten Roots


Street: 06.25

Such Vengeance = Lamb of God + Heaven Shall Burn + Winds of Plague

Local metal outfit Such Vengeance has upped their game for their new release, Golden Leaves, Rotten Roots. Production value on this album is excellent, head and shoulders above their first; it really allows the listener a fair view at a talented collective. Their sound is cohesive, aggressive and tight. Ian Eskelson’s vocals have taken a huge leap forward both in confidence and technique: Losing the less-than-stellar clean vocals of the past albums strengthened the brutality.

The band shows creative shredding and impressive speed throughout. Piano opening on “The Gadget” shows that these guys are stretching their dark wings out, willing to conquer unfamiliar territory. The samples got a little overwhelming by the album’s end, but overall were an acceptable choice for the emotional landscape being painted. “Rivers of Evil” has riffs that feel like a good, old-fashioned riot in your ribs.

The band’s older work had strict hardcore roots, built around clean solos and breakdowns, but they have now progressed into a sharper, thicker metal sound that puts them in front of the pack. Now they’re working as a team to build a vicious musical world, and there is hardly a moment to breathe through the ferocity.