Lurking Danger
Street: 02.28
Summerteeth = The New Pornographers + Phoenix
After putting out their EP How I Got in the Room last December, Summerteeth apparently made a quick trip back to the studio, as they released their second full-length album, Lurking Danger, this past February. The ten-track album is a nice mix of folk-rock, with the group’s strong vocals blending well with their talented musicianship. The album opens with a great tune called “Evening Star Rising,” which sets the stage nicely for the rest of the album that features more of the same. Another strong tune is “More Than Ever,” which comes halfway through the record and breathes some new life into the album. With each song being less than four minutes in length, the album is a quick and enjoyable listen. Even though the band has been together for just over a year now, their sound is tight, and Lurking Danger is another step forward for the local group.