How I Got in the Room EP
Street: 12.10.11  
Summerteeth = Grandaddy + Phoenix
Summerteeth’s recent release is a conglomeration of swirling hooks and high-neck diddles played through synthpop keyboard. The EP has an early ’00s indie rock influence that plays out well with its lo-fi guitars, discordant vocals and simple chord progressions. The four-piece’s winter release is primarily the brain child of Andy Westenhaver and is produced by bandmate Robert LeCheminant. The EP starts strong and ends strong—I never felt underwhelmed or disappointed with a song. The songs “Ruby” and “I’m a Hunter” felt well paced, and they aren’t musically overcrowded—a problem most modern indie bands have. However, during my initial sit-down-and-listen, there were moments where the songs seemed more involved in the circular motion of the riffs than the overall progression.  If you go and download the album on, please listen to the album with headphones first, otherwise you might miss the production quality.