The Black Arrows
We’ve Been Saying So Long For So Long
Street: 04.23
The Black Arrows = Shiny Toy Guns + Paramore + Neon Trees
My immediate thoughts on listening to this were, “Why?” and then the follow up, “Why does the world need more chick pop?” I believe the answer is money. At least we got to see the lead singer of Paramore’s boobs Tweeted, but I don’t think local broad Ashley Rae will be doing that anytime soon to make her music more exciting. Don’t misunderstand, this album is really good pop. The vocals are clean, the synths are clean, even the guitar is flawlessly clean. The lyrics are very dirty, though—so edgy: “I know it’s wrong/ I kind of like it/ it moves me along. And when the saints go marching I won’t be in that number/ I’ll be marching to a different drummer.” And that is all you need to know about this 8 song EP