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The Black Hens
Street: 1.08
The Black Hens = Band of Annuals + the byrds + Rilo Kiley on Lunesta
The Black Hens started as a fluke; a thrown together project birthed from a one-off jam session with SLC folk powerhouses: Glade, David Williams, Band of Annuals members jeremi Hanson and Brent Dreiling while in … you guessed it, Albuquerque. Over the course of three long days, The Black Hens officially formed, played a gig at Launch Pad and recorded their debut release with the help of New Mexico friends, Jeffrey Richards (Hazeldine, Vic Chesnutt, Nels Andrews,Neutral Milk Hotel) & Chris Kitchen (Brightcarvers). Together they create a gentle (yet rockin’), feel-good sound just twangy enough to add the “-country” after “alt.” The buttery male/female backup harmonies on all six tracks are contagious. Fans of David Williams’ solo work will be pleased to hear an alternate version of “Summer” included on this release.