The Chickens
The Chickens = Lettuce + James Brown guitar + a bit o’ Steely Dan
The Chickens are classic instrumental jazz by extraordinarily talented musicians. Without a piece out of place, this easy listen will keep you company from Point A to Point B, as a soundtrack to your dinner party, music to study by, music to shimmy to … the list goes on and on. The tunes are well written, if semi-predictable within the genre, and every member fulfills their role with aplomb. The basics—guitar, bass and drums—not only hold up their end of the bargain in this vast ensemble, but truly put the solid foundation under the various horns, keys and effects, rounding out the tunes. The production is perfection, with the layers of music folded together like a delicious trifle. Yum. I can’t see any reason why you shouldn’t go out and snag yourself a copy today.