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The Devil Whale
Like Paraders

Street: 04.10
The Devil Whale = Palomino + Aqualung

The Devil Whale gets my vote for the best serenading band in Utah. I can already see girls and boys getting weak at the knees. This is one of those bands that can appeal to everyone because the music is so personal. Brinton Jones must have some connections with the man upstairs because he has definitely been blessed with some heavenly vocals. In fact, this whole album is blessed. Each instrument fits together so well that it’s hard to detect a single flaw. It’s the perfect blend of pop, folk and rock, something you can cry to, laugh to, and dance to. I think their promise in the track “Turn around the car,” “I will let you down, but not tonight” needs to be rephrased. The Devil Whale won’t let us down, not tonight or even if they keep coming up with music like this.