Local Reviews: The Direction

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The Direction
From VII & IV

Spy Hop Records
Street: 07.20.10
The Direction = Bjork + Paramore + Burlesque

Man, I love chicks who rock. And this chick totally rocks—lead singer Felicia Anderton ties up this pack – age most delightfully, with a vintage voice that is somehow exactly what this rock n’ roll outfit wants. The musicians are totally together, the recording quality is good, and the sound is specific and has direction. Go figure. Influences vary widely, which I love, and from undeniable rock to beautiful ballads, the talent on this album is heartwarming. A reasonable release for a seasoned band, the fact that it is the product of teenagers working with Spy Hop is astounding on several levels. I look forward to hearing much more from all of these talented musicians, in this band and in their future endeavors. –P. Buchanan