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The Furs
I Taste Blue
Street: 04.18
The Furs = Dead Meadow + The Warlocks
No need to worry PETA, The Furs aren’t out to collect helpless animals, but they could be turning Salt Lake into the next Haight-Ashbury. Although our hippies reside mainly at the Sunday drum circle, we have been getting a healthy dose of local psychedelic music. I Taste Blue brings out a mysterious vibe that The Furs have been holding onto for quite some time. Hell, they could be our very own Velvet Underground, seducing the listeners with distorted guitar and tambourines. The album captures life in our strange desert with tracks about local parties, girls and even “Tumbleweeds.” The music is upbeat and entrancing with noticeable inspiration from artists like Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Black Angels. Hopefully this album sparks more acid rock albums to come out of Salt Lake. You know who you are.