The Jingoes
Street: 11.01.11
The Jingoes = Minutemen + Television + Gang of Four
I remember seeing the Jingoes open for Mike Watt a few years back at Bar Deluxe. What I liked about them continues to make me nod my head as I listen today. This is a seriously great band. From what I can piece together, after the breakup of Junta Deville, band leader Spock decided to form another socially conscious rock band. A revolving door of drummers eventually led to this CD. Musically, it reminds me quite a bit of late-era Minutemen. The songs pop, quickly find a groove and build around the catchiest riffs. Having two guitarists allows for considerable interplay, and the simple-yet-serious lyrics have the potential to strike a chord. The opening track, “Between the Shields,” lays the punk rock foundation for the eight other missives on the disc. A personal favorite, “Chinese Magnets,” builds slowly over a grinding feedback loop that gives off the feel of an uneasy Beijing factory—masterfully reflecting the song’s content. All in all this is a fantastic album, beautifully packaged and a real joy to listen to.