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The John Whites
Sing Their Songs
Hotel Palindrome
Street: 2007
The John Whites = Franz Ferdinand – electronics + a dash of Coldplay
There’s a simplicity and sincerity about The John Whites that speaks volumes about them. Their sound is far more mature than their ages would lead you to believe, especially on a debut. An album you can’t seem to put a definitive label on, Sing Their Songs is more akin to White Stripe’s experimental “Icky Thump” than the genre-confused groups of today. But unlike Jack White, The John Whites opt for a more traditional sound. From bluesy ballad “Still in Love,” to Franz Ferdinand-like riffs in “Song For Rory,” to Coldplay-esque piano selections, it never seems to fall less than par or sound over done. The John Whites take a hodge-podge of styles and make it all their own. Pick it up; this is the sort of album you’ll want to curl up with on a rainy day. This is the sort of album you’ll want to curl up with every day.