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The Lionelle
Oh, The Little Bee E.P.
Self Released
Street: 2007
The Lionelle = Modest Mouse + Danny Elfman
For The Lionelle, the album cover art-a seemingly random cacophany of glitter, watercolor and ink-is the perfect introduction to the group. Like a darker Modest Mouse, The Lionelle starts out of the gate with eerie chords that seem Danny Elfman inspired. Part blues and part alternative, the tunes are simple, unsettling, and absolutely brilliant. As if the music weren’t enough, the band is just as strong lyrically. Vocalist Tate McCallum-Law jumps into the performance at 110-and doesn’t let up for the whole album. Every line and word is emoted on so well that you don’t dare ignore them. This is the sort of album that won’t just let you listen to it; it will possess you. One of the best local premiers you’ll find this year.