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The Mighty Curse
Good Luck Above the Sea EP
Street: 12.31.08

The Mighty Curse = a punk rock version of Gwar + Elvis (bastardized) + The Dead Kennedys
Admittedly, I was a bit confused when I first spun the latest EP from Salt Lake City’s The Mighty Curse. It is a mishmash of styles, and the vocals are so obviously bad that you know even the members probably laugh at them. The first thing I should have done was the last thing I did, and that was go to their MySpace page. Lo and behold, the intent behind TMC is not to be serious music, but just a plain old good time. The guys actually have tossed some good riffs together, creating an upbeat sound. Then the vocals come in, completely out of key and not in rhythm with the music. Basically, it sounds like a few guys with a few beers behind them singing about whatever comes to mind. The sad thing is, I’ve come across plenty of bands that are extremely serious about what they do who sound a hell of a lot worse than TMC. If I missed the point of what TMC is doing, I sincerely apologize to the band. In any right, I took it for what it was, had some laughs, and I can surely guess the guys put on a raucous live show.