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The Mooks
The Snuggle Sessions

Salty Hobo Records

Street: 03.13

The Mooks = Screeching Weasel + The Ergs! + The Steinways
For nerdy, awkward, sexually frustrated teen males, there is no better genre than the kind of pop-punk with “whoa-ohs” and only three chords. On The Snuggle Sessions, The Mooks have created a style of music that makes me want to go back and relive the part of my life when I listened to The Descendents and The Ramones every day, but without the part where talking to girls almost made me throw up. That’s a good thing. “Sugarscoot” is a simple and catchy opener, but it isn’t until the second song kicks in that The Mooks really hit their stride. “Gutter Fever,” an anthem for anyone who has ever had a crush on a punk girl, is fucking hilarious and full of way too many good lines to quote here. The least good songs are the ones in which The Mooks proclaim their undying love for The Steinways, but even those are still pretty good. This release is a whole lot of fun, and The Mooks are only gonna get better from here.