Local Reviews: The Naked Eyes

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The Naked Eyes
Free & Easy
Street: 11.15
The Naked Eyes = The Black Keys + The Stooges + The White Stripes
There’s something undeniably cool and timeless about blues-influenced rock and roll. As long as whiskey, cigarettes and broken hearts are en vogue, bands like The Naked Eyes will be around to provide the soundtrack to perfectly hazy nights. The Naked Eyes’ brand of dirty, raw blues rock is better than most and some of the best local music released in a long time. Free & Easy has it all–– songs about wanting to get close to women (“Let’s Get Together”), songs about wanting to get away from women (“Gypsy Man”), a song about shooting people in various locales (“Tennessee”), a song about riding an alligator (“7 Mile River”) and even a reworking of “Crossroads,” entitled “Coat & Hat.” The reckless/restrained vocals are a highlight throughout the album, as is the great guitarwork and the occasional use of keyboards help keep things from getting stale. If you like your music loud and dirty with plenty of swagger, The Naked Eyes have plenty of exactly what you need.