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The Orbit Group
The Orbit Group = Miles Davis + Funkadelic + Stevie Wonder
Street: 11.02
The Orbit Group have been making a name for themselves around Salt Lake City with their brand of funk / jazz / soul fusion. Orbit’s shows are an experience. They exhibit professional musicianship and cultivate crowd energy as few acts can. With a rotating membership and frequent guest performers, each show is a little bit different. Their songs range from catchy soul ballads to extended funk jam sessions that would make even your grandma want to “tear the roof off the sucka.” On Bounce, Orbit are at their best when they capture the spontaneity, tightness and cohesiveness that make them such an impressive live act. “It’s Tight” is the definitive standout track, starting with an instantly recognizable minimalist backbeat groove and featuring off-the-cuff group shouts that make it feel like a live experience. The record runs the gamut of their multi-genre sound. “Definition of Space,” another standout, sounds like a psychedelic rendering of an Innervisions-era Stevie Wonder ballad. Bounce is the first Orbit recording that begins to capture the energy of their live performances. Definitely worth checking out.