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The Smash Brothas
Bout Damn Time

Street: 08.07
The Smash Brothas = Swollen Members + Jedi Mind Tricks + Aquemini-era Outkast

Hip Hop is not dead in Utah. Reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated. The crews around here should start paying attention or at least start buying beats from the laundry list of producers and DJs that The Smash Brothas utilize on their latest release. These songs are not only varied in their style (ranging from slow, downtempo jams to excited sample-heavy bangers), but they have competent rhymes as well. Insightful tracks like “More Moes,” a track about people who eat “green Jell-O with carrots” and who “control the schools, control the media, business or religion cuz it’s getting much greedier” delivers some scathing criticism of the popular culture in the area. “Rappers” is another notable track that educates by breaking down the nomenclature behind “rappers” and “MCs.” And if you don’t know the difference, perhaps the Brothas can school you.