The Trappers
Ten Records
Street: 11.13.10
The Trappers = Creedence Clearwater Revival – Jon Fogerty
Chances are that had I not come across this album for review, many of you wouldn’t have ever known it existed. This five-piece ensemble aimed for Americana with a twist of country, and they got it… in the blandest fucking possible manifestation they could have created. They perform better than many Americana bands, but they could still do much better. The talent is there, but it’s squandered on a sound as generic as their band name. It’s like they grabbed a copy of the CCR classic Cosmo’s Factory and stripped it of everything musically challenging. The unoriginality continues on the track “Cut Loose” which features lyrics torn straight from Kenny Loggins’ “Footloose.” Ironically, The Trappers live performances far surpass the album, which makes it a shame the recording is so bland.