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The Upstarts

The Upstarts


Street: 10.26

The Upstarts = The Toasters + The Specials + The Slackers

Finally, a band that proves that Utah ska doesn’t need to be the realm of high school band nerds with a Reel Big Fish fetish! The Upstarts deliver some seriously awesome ska, chock full of soul and a whole heap of energy.

Highlights include the organ-driven “So Sharp” and the gospel-by-way-of-Jamaica “Carry This Load”, while “On the Run” would be right at home in a Blues Brothers movie. “Feels So Nice” and “Leaving” slow things down a bit, but that’s where vocalist Andy Fackrell really shines.

All you kids out there who play trumpet, trombone or sax, listen up: throw away those Reel Big Fish records, go buy The Upstarts’ album, and try like hell to be as good as them. We’ll all be better for it in the long run!