The Waters Deep Here
Street: 07.07
The Waters Deep Here = Explosions in the Sky + Tool + Cult of Luna
“Ambitious as fuck” are the first few words that came to mind when I listened to this for the first time. Sunden is three tracks ranging between 12 and almost 28 minutes in length, bookended by intro and outro tracks, and separated by short but effective interludes. The album has no traditional vocals, but it does sneak in a few thoughtful spoken pieces, a recognizable sample and a well-placed and memorable choir moment. What is great about this is there aren’t any obvious influences, which is definitely a huge pitfall for so many similar bands. There are small tastes of the above bands, but nothing that beats this listener over the head to force enjoyment. The average music listener might be put off by the long tracks, but those who enjoy this stuff will likely get into this album without a problem. This is definitely a secret Utah gem that I am glad to be privy to.