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The Weekenders
Spare Bedroom Records
Street: 03.11
The Weekenders = Chris Cornell
If you’re going to submit an album or EP to be reviewed, please don’t just burn a CD and throw it in a blank sleeve without a track listing. I have better things to do than look at your fucking MySpace page to match up the five songs you haphazardly sent in. After playing The Weekenders’ little puzzle and giving it a listen, I discovered a disc of songs that would fit perfectly in the 1992 film Singles. The biggest reason for the ’90s comparison is Rob Reinfurt’s pitch-perfect Chris Cornell-like vocals and meaty guitars. The jam band-ish “Lost Sight” leads the EP with jumpy drums, some sweet keys and even whistling! Next is the overbearing hard-edge guitar on “Alone,” and later, “Don’t Plan On” shows up, reminding me slightly of Stone Temple Pilots’ “Wicked Garden.” Is this a good thing? Dude, it’s up to you.