The Young Electric
Song Haus Music
Street: 10.09
The Young Electric = (AFI x My Chemical Romance)/Social Distortion
It takes about 150 seconds for this album to establish itself as one of the tightest, most well produced local efforts this year. It’s a seamless transition between the opener, “Patterns & Processes,” which subtly incorporates elements of its successor on the album, “Machines,” that sets the feeling for the remainder of The Young Electric’s debut effort as more of a complete package rather than an assortment of randomly distributed tracks. No, it is not without its faults, particularly the clunky fourth track,“Crave,” which never gets off the ground, despite its chaotic ending. But, for the most part, what we have here is a blast of an album, even though most of the lyrical content is a bit of a downer. The main highlights are “Hospital,” which features a jumpy bass line and impressive harmonies from Drew Hamnett, and of course “Golden,” one of 2012’s best songs.