Local Reviews: TheKnoItAlls

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The Knockout Jewelers
Lace Em Up Productions
Street: 2007
KnoItAlls = Facts + Johnny Utah + Briskoner
They got the top down, they are hydroplaning, they rock and talk strong with their egos packed in a punch. If you are familiar with last years release, Kiss The Ring, then get ready for this: Mixtape 1 – A Prelude To Kiss The Ring. I don’t know if the new stuff is really their old stuff or vice versa, but it sounds nice. With beats from Skinwalker, Grizz One, Brisk, Spenzilla, Iggy Chop and Rick One, Knoitalls fill the instrumentals with clever punch lines, one-liners and confident raps. The local producers playful beats compliment Knoitalls lyrics and consist of mostly funky horns, samples, keys and strings in a stylistic way. This album is a definite local hip-hop collaboration addition to the slough of talent in Salt Lake City. So you must learn, you must listen or you must be knocked out.