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Theta Naught
Omnium Gatherum
Differential Records
Street: 11.12.10
Theta Naught = Thee Silver Mt. Zion Orchestra + Rachel’s + Peter Broderick
Omnium Gatherum is Theta Naught’s first full-length album in six years. Given their elastic membership and reliance on improvisation above all else, each release and live show has the capacity to take the prolific post-rock/jazz/classical collective into completely unexpected places. Omnium Gatherum succeeds in spades in this regard. Anchored by Ryan Stanfield and Darren Corey in the rhythm section, newly minted harpist Briawna Anderson and guitarist Josh Ogzewalla steer Theta Naught’s compositions everywhere from the shimmering pastoral “The Sixth Planet” and “Moon” suites to the dirge-like “Get Closer” and the grizzled, distressed “Frankenstein Blues.” While inherently improvisational, there are moments on Omnium Gatherum so precise and timed that they can only be attributed to ESP or a hive-mind formed from eight years of playing as a collective. Although eight years has made for some pretty thrilling moments, Omnium Gatherum may just be the best thing they have ever done.