Tolchock Trio
Abalone Skeletone

Street 09.05
T3 = My Bloody Valentine + Sonic Youth + Jeff Tweedy

As difficult as it is for an outsider to pin down exactly what Tolchock Trio sounds like, it is comforting to know that a similar problem may exist among the band itself. The liner notes mention that this album, the third full length by a band that doesn’t take the number three too seriously, has been in the works since the summer of 2006 (bordering on geologic time for local music). While the final product may not sound like it took two years to churn out, this is a good thing. Abalone Skeltone is comfortable, in the same way that an endless Velvet Underground jam surrounds you with the idea that everything will be all right. The album is immediate in its execution, and the players (as many as seven on one track) wander between musical and vocal roles quite easily. This is not only one of the best local discs this year, it’s is also better than most national releases. Who knew that Salt Lake had the chops to turn indie psychedelia on its head?