Local Reviews: Trouble on the Prairie

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Trouble on the Prairie
Virgins Pastors and Other Disasters
Street: 02.30.09

Trouble on the Prairie= Shelley Short + Band of Annuals + Mirah
Minimalist percussion and plaintively delivered vocals make this release one of the most haunting local pieces I’ve heard in a while. Band members Big Red and Little Fran create a lot of atmosphere with only some sparse acoustic guitar, a shaker, a tambourine on some songs and a small drum kit on others. I inherently respect the desire to have just two instruments on a song if the songwriting can fill in the gaps, but I also think that there is something to be said for a bass in this case, even if it’s just on studio tracking. If there is one on most of these tracks, I didn’t hear it. In addition to bass, I say include a pillow with this EP because, barring the last track and “secret” song, it’s yawn inducing.