Ugly Valley Boys
Double Down
Street : 07.18
Ugly Valley Boys = JB Beverley +James Hunnicutt + Johnny Cash
Traditional, American roots and hillbilly are all adjectives that have somewhat permeated into the underbelly of “country music.” With all the negative connotations and pop music associated with the current state of country music, it pains me to call this country.  But that’s exactly what it is: stripped down, dirty, ugly, sad, beautiful country music played in a way that is reminiscent of the Great Depression.  At first, the vocals resemble the late Johnny Cash, but as you get drawn into stories of moonshine running and sorrow, the vocals become very unique and gripping: that is all Ryan Eastlyn.  Braxton Brandenburg is genius on the upright bass while Brad Wheeler and Michael Sasich lend their talents to the equation, making this nothing short of a brilliant debut album.