Local Reviews: UNCLE SCAM And The Current Administration

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UNCLE SCAM And The Current Administration

Street: 05.01
UNCLE SCAM = Every shitty bar band you’ve ever heard

I was once speaking to some people about local music when guitarist Raffi Shahinian politely interrupted and said he was in a band. That band happened to be Uncle Scam. Shahinian described his band as sounding somewhat like System of a Down. Not to steal any of his thunder, but I don’t think that guy has ever actually heard SOAD. Uncle Scam is that band playing at a bar that is just overly loud white noise that gets in the way of your drunken evening. Their three-song recording sounds pretty decent and has a good mix, but the guitar tones are overfilled with lame effects that don’t progress the songs at all. The guys are all tight musicians, but their songs are uninspiring and unoriginal. Hopefully, they have fun playing in this band at local bars, because that’s all they’re ever going to do with these subpar rock tunes. (Club Vegas: 09.17)