Local Reviews: Uni.Verse.All. & Roe

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Uni.Verse.All. & Roe”�
Eat & Run”�
Spyhop Records “�
Street: 08.11.09
Uni.Verse.All. & Roe = The Cool Kids + Lil Wayne + Kris Kross “�
As much as I dislike the whole outerspace trend going on in hip hop, Eat & Run is not half bad. Made up of U.n.i.verse.all and Roe, two local SLC cats, my only real issue with the album is how it doesn’t sound the least bit like two 15-year-old white kids. From the sound of the voice to the rhymes, the only thing sounding age appropriate is the space-man beats they rhyme over.  Starting off strong with an extraterrestrial lunar landing theme on the rightly titled “Visitors,” the beat contains all the synthesized love and affection you could ask for. The part that really gets you is the age of these kids and the fact they are quite on point calling out the dumb in hip hop these days. On the second track off the album one of these little bastards does a fine job of Kanye bashing,“Wanna stay underground/Never lose my sound like Kanye West/Got addicted to the fame like sex.” Its right around track three that it really starts to not sound like two teen boys and more like Xzibit. Getting deep on “Dies Out,” the story telling aspect comes out and the potential is seen. For a 14 and 15-year-old, these two are seriously not bad, just a little time on the court and it’s on.