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Old News Records
Up.River = Clear + The Acacia Strain + Terror

Apparently, Old News Records has been started in order to either release or re-release recordings, primarily from Salt Lake-based hardcore bands, that were either initially released in small quantities, or never released at all. Not a bad idea. Up.River’s self-titled album, although not necessarily my cup of tea, is certainly deserving of a listen, even if it’s nothing very original. It’s still too new to sound dated, having been recorded in 2005, but it’s also, for the most part, pretty standard Salt Lake City metalcore. The lads know how to write a song for sure, and they keep it interesting throughout by adding time changes and better-than-average slow bits. But in the end, this release isn’t something that I can envision myself listening to at any point down the road. By all means, check it out and support the idea behind Old News Records, but don’t expect anything groundbreaking.