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Various Artists
Around the Bend
Slowtrain Music
Street: July 2007
Around the Bend = Local Musicians & Artists + Anna & Chris + great Vinyl selection + an Amazing Independent Music Shop that SLC is lucky to have + Support Your Community!
Giving SLUG’s Death By Salt recordings a run for the money as “Best Local Compilation”, Slowtrain presents a well produced record of previously unreleased tunes by some of Utah’s favorite alt-country or acoustic soloists. In a talented music scene prevalent with singer/songwriters, Around the Bend showcases some of the best: David Williams, Paul Jacobsen, Wuhu Seai, Calico, TaughtMe, Wren Kennedy, Catherine Eve, Chanticleer the Clever Cowboy, Stephen Stanley, Uvada, Glade Sowards, Dead Horse Point, Cub Country, Marcus Bently and the Beat Surrender. I especially like the tracks by Band of Annuals (not just because I have a school-girl crush on Jay) and James Miska (not just because he’s one of my best friends), as they are classic examples of the breadth of impressive craft playing on 300 South at 221 East. Around the Bend features four different covers one designed by Summer Bivens, one by Erin Potter, one by Sarah Martin and one by Mary Toscano. Purchase this fine cd–burn it from a friend and you’re a jerk.