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Vile Blue Shades
Triple Threat
Octopus/Psuedo Recordings
Street: 10.31
Vile Blue Shades = a bottle of whiskey + 13 people + a dance party
The aptly named Triple Threat CD collects the three out-of-print VBS albums;Dark Wizard, Bottle of Pain and Obleaske of the Orb onto one shiny super-saver disc. VBS is like a great mixed drink, combining everything in just the right proportion. Taking members from other great SLC bands such as Beard of Solitude, Lazer Fang, Tolchock Trio and The Wolfs, the disc starts with a few soulfully primal opening tracks and starts to deliver the working-class jams that they have become infamous for. Each song after track four becomes an orgiastic free-for-all of tribal enthusiasm with whoops, hollers, screeches and enough moaning to make “Debbie Does Dallas” jealous. Maddening in its spiraling out-of-control lyrical content and loosely collective structure, Triple Threat is a great translation onto CD of one of Salt Lake’s tour-de-force live acts.