Final Spell EP
Street: 08.14
Visigoth = Judas Priest + Manowar + Holy Grail – speed metal
Nobody can resist headbanging to Final Spell. Visigoth gets right to the point in “Creature of Desire” as frontman Jake Rogers’ perfect falsetto crescendos into “whoa-oh-oh”s with the aid of the front line, exhibiting vocal prowess akin to Rob Halford. Guitarists Leeland Campana and Jamison Palmer get the riffage going hard in my favorite, “Final Spell”—an analysis of creatures, sorcery and vigilance that many still use today—with consonant dual guitar work and supreme, ascending soloing to match. Visigoth dip into the realm of power metal with “Seven Golden Ships” as Rogers projects euphoniously. Drummer Mikey T. sounds right at home as he riddles the slower tempo with trills on his kicks that underpin the chorus line that declares, “We stand and fight,” as bassist Matt Brotherton aids the rhythm speed-up with solid strumming. “Call of the Road” closes out the release in a Grim Reaper-esque rocker to round out a glorious metal EP.