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Wite Nite
A. Star Recordings
Street: 11.15.08
Wite Nite = Isis + Pelican + AODL
Wite Nite’s self-titled EP starts off with a promising ambience of swirling sounds and soft guitars, but moves quickly from that beauty into an unrelenting, bad mushroom trip. The whole alblum is actually perfectly described as a mushroom trip – it starts off pretty and exciting, but time seems to stop about five minutes into it and you just want it to be over. The disc jolts in and out of consciousness, from ambient post-rock a la Isis or Pelican to grating noise. The switch is neither completely jarring, nor smooth and fluid, which makes the concoction taste like someone forgot to scrape the shit out of the caps before selling you the bag. A. Star Recordings makes no effort to hide their philosophy of helping friends instead of doing what’s right for the label. As former SLUG Managing Editor Andrew Glassett said in the November 2008 issue, “…it appears [A. Star] chooses to release whatever comes their way.” This release proves that sentiment.