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Come Blue

A. Star Recordings
Street: 06.08
WoO = Eluvium + Stars of the Lid + Tim Hecker

This was a wonderful little surprise. Intrigued, not knowing at all what to expect, with zero press release and mysterious album artwork, I immediately put this in my car CD player. The result was approximately 45 minutes of minimalistic and soothing soundscapes that are comparable to what the revered Eluvium would sound like if he was marooned on a derelict space station.

The sole proprietor of WoO is located in the Serbian city of Belgrade of all places, and upon further investigation, I found that this album was printed in a limited release by a small label in Kaysville, Utah. If you love ambient music and have any interest in supporting local labels, I can’t recommend this collection of songs enough. Hurry though, as it is limited to 200 copies.