Triiibe OOak | 1st Episode (Revolution) | Self-Released

Local Review: Triiibe OOak – 1st Episode (Revolution)

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Triiibe OOak
1st Episode (Revolution)

Streets: 12.16
Triibe Ooak = Flatbush Zombies + Odd Future

Take vintage samples and mellow beats with a soothing flow, bring it together, and you have Triiibe Ooak. Combining the vocal talents of Lady I N F I N I T Y and Benjamin Major with the beats of Regular Ass Dude, we have a group of unique individuals creating a fresh sound that maintains a touch of throwback flavor. We get that reimagined vintage style from the start with the title track, which features a chopped-and-screwed sample of Dr. Dre’s “The Next Episode” paired with a lo-fi-style, looping flute and featuring smooth-as-silk flow of Erasole James. 1st Episode (Revolution) is packed with some of my favorite beats this year so far and is masterfully produced. Tracks like “Real,” which has a slowed sample of Marvin Gaye & Tamin Terrell’s “Aint No Mountain High Enough,” continues the album’s lo-fi sound, making this my favorite track. There’s a nice variety of vocals and tempos for an album of only seven songs. The track “Chronic” has a Die Antwoord feel to it with its unique percussions on top of a Biggie “Can I Get Witcha” sample—it’s like nothing I’ve ever heard. Songs like “Nothing Special” showcase a live-band feel with its sampling and Lady I N F I N I T Y’s vocals, whereas tracks like “I’m Different,” with its fast-paced parts and guitar riff impart a more upbeat feeling. Overall, Triiibe Ooak bring it in this release, placing a little bit of everything onto the table. 1st Episode offers a new, fresh presence to the Utah hip-hop scene, merging unique personalities and interesting samples. If you are a fan of experimental hip-hop with some retro flair, this album is a must. –Connor Brady