Local Review: McFalls – Self-Tittled Demo

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McFalls = Pearl Jam (Ten) + Soundgarden (Superunknown) + Led Zeppelin (Led Zeppelin)

McFalls, or Rune, as they are currently known, combine classic rock/grunge-laden guitar riffs with Jim Morrisson-like vocals that can really wail. Added to that grunge base are three main additives: A bluesy, almost jazzy strut (best illustrated in “summerday”); undiluted Alice in Chains; and butt metal (as in the, ironically, G&R-sounding “Bloody Roses”). McFalls say they do a lot of covers in their live set, and I believe doing covers is a waste of time for a band that makes original music, but I guess the good thing about covers is it helps a band to get their sea legs. They are excellent musicians. As far as where Rune are now, or what kind of music they’re making, I’m not sure. Perhaps they’ll send me a current CD now that I’ve finally reviewed this one.