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Local Review: Mug Shots Present – The Hangover (local compilation)

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Mug Shots Present
The Hangover (local compilation) 

Mug Shots Muzik
Street: April 2007
The Hangover = Salt Lake Hip Hop + Love Songs + Kill Yer’ Hero

Every MC on this compilation knows the rules when it comes to bringing something new and believable to the table. That’s why I find my self a little disgruntled with the album. It’s a pretty typical looking-glass glance into what’s going on in the local hip-hop scene right now; which could be a good-or-bad thing depending on your taste pertaining to this particular genre. However, throughout most of the album, I was very impressed by clean drums over interesting samples and production that screams “professional.” Local lyricist’s like Bloswick, KnoitAlls, Bomb City, Fizzy Form, Samiam, XV, among others, cut-and-paste verse and vibration to make up this 18-track anthology. Some songs require a sense of humor, while others are genuinely solid tracks taken from local albums that you might have heard before. Note: I write these reviews for free. Send hate mail to