Local Review: New Shack – Shadow Girl

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New Shack

New Shack
Shadow Girl

Street: 06.12
New Shack = Purity Ring + Bellrave + CocoRosie

It always amazes me that so much decent music comes out of Provo—yes, that was shade—but here I am listening to another great Provo band. New Shack are a duo comprising Catherine Leavy and Eric Robertson, who pair heavy, downtempo synth beats with faint, almost-a-whisper female vocals to create something reminiscent of Purity Ring, but not quite. The lyrics are catchy and the music is good with some ’80s-pop vibes on songs like “Stereo Sedation” and “Looking Glass.” This is a band I could see playing at Localized, and I recommend checking them out. –Julia Sachs