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Local Review: Nick Names – Wasteland EP

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Nick Names
Wasteland EP

Nameless Media
Street: 10.09.15
Nick Names = Datsik + Zedd + Infected Mushroom

Utah absolutely loves EDM, and this release from local artist Nick Names pays homage to that love. Wasteland intricately bends genres like techno, dubstep and—forgive me for saying this—big room to create a wild and exciting ride through a psychedelic-fueled taste of the rave. Repetitive and entrancing, tracks like “Mr. Names” manage to create a catchy beat that would be a hit in any club scene while tracks like “Powerslut” provide more of a psychedelic element. This is the kind of music that the Utah rave scene goes wild for—so check out Wasteland if you find yourself at the The Great Saltair often. –Julia Sachs