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Local Review: Nolens Volens – Fuck Imogen Heap

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Nolens Volens
Fuck Imogen Heap

Billygoat Database
Street: 08.03
Nolens Volens = VCR Quintet + Tigerbeat6 + nonnon

In my last review I made intimations of Andrew being the love child of disco and kid606. In this latest release Andrew has grown up and produced a tighter but not altogether better record than previous releases. That isn’t to say that this is worse… it’s just different. From the moment it gets going, engines are revved and right out of the garage Andrew is pounding beats faster than a pre-teen popping Adderall.

Each track is punctuated with a steady racing beat that is overlaid with what feels like the sick tumult of drinking ‘tussin laced washing machine swoops straight out of the bottle. The beats are big, the glitches are vibrant and in your face and it all points to a schizophrenic kid who wears bright colors, playing in the street. If you want to know what Andrew’s one man ADD-dance music is all about all you need to do is go to his myspace page and see this one line: Andrew and a computer and a mixer and some speakers. Another brilliant release.