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Like a Lover

Street: 1.28.20
Ophelia = Kate Bush + Grimes

The new release from local newcomer Ophelia, Like a Lover, is a short stint from an otherwise cryptic artist at a simple three songs. Self-proclaimed cat lady, existentialist and music trivia dynamo, Ophelia self-produces and provides vocals for the EP, essentially a one-human electronic soundwell. “Like a Lover” is the shiny, holographic opening track that introduces the delightful and mellow ’80s synthpop and vaporwave sounds of the triplet. The super-smooth electronics abide in “Sinking Fast,” wherein Opelia’s utterly Kate Bush–style vocals stand out all the more.

The moody melodies and lusty lyricism of “Like a Lover” is a toothsome combination throughout the diminutive tracklist. “Forbidden Fruit,” the last of the set, is an imagery-rich and seductive treatise on passion and obsession, with a sexy and deep electronic bassline. It retroactively sets the overall tone of sensuousness that suffuses the sound and narrative across all three tracks.

If this triad of tunes is any indication of what’s ahead, Ophelia is a strong standout in what sometimes feels like an interminable sea of self-crafted, apartment-produced indie electronic offerings. Uniqueness is something of a challenge in that genre as of late, and Like a Lover certainly whispers a sweet promise of possibilities into the listener’s ear and excites for what else is hiding up this artist’s hip sleeves. –Paige Zuckerman

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