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Local Review: Porch to Porch – Self-Titled

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Porch to Porch

Street: 03.24
Porch to Porch = Hot Buttered Rum + Ugly Valley Boys

Porch to Porch are an all-acoustic folk/bluegrass band that capture the quirky, Western vibes of Salt Lake City. The band members initially met each other in high school, and music eventually brought them back together years down the road. They recorded their five-track EP in December 2014, which sets the bar high for their full-length album. These locals jam with a kind of rawness (yes, on porches) with a guitar, fast banjo picks and plucks and a fiddling flavor, singing songs about drinking and good times. Vocally, everyone participates, adding fullness to each song, but bassist Nick Harris’ voice is as low and awesome as the notes he plays. Throw in the harmonica, and we have the quintessential folk grass band. –Lizz Corrigan