Quiet House – Self Titled

Local Review: Quiet House – Self-Titled

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Quiet House – Self Titled

Quiet House

Studio Studio Dada
Street: 04.10
Quiet House = Passenger + Typhoon

Quiet House are a local six-piece, orchestral-folk-sounding band. Intimately played and live-sounding, this album reflects the work of one guitarist/vocalist, one drummer and a string quartet. Quiet House often shifts between fast and slow, complex and simple rhythms. There are equal parts intricate string sets and simple folk, and acoustic guitar solos occur on tracks like “Death Leather.” Vocalist Stuart Wheeler sings songs about negotiating parts of life, like religion, in order to become himself. His cool and soothing voice laments over the guitar, rolling drums and bows. The strings play a core, strengthening role rather than serving as subtle background noise. Each instrument and lyric flows perfectly together, making this album an overall comfortable, refreshingly easy listen. –Lizz Corrigan