Local Review: Second Nature – Fawkes Hunt

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Second Nature - Fawkes HuntSecond Nature
Fawkes Hunt

Street: 06.03
Second Nature = Code Orange + early Converge

Fast and full of drudge-muckery, Fawkes Hunt is a hardcore album that you need. Another band in the Intermountain Mecca of Grindcore, Second Nature truly kills it on this album. “Approach the Boner” is a spittle shower atop a mound of bass-y marrow. I had this on repeat while I was doing spreadsheets at work, and at one point, my coworker asked me what I was silently headbanging to—it’s that damn good. It’s a short album, but boy does it pack a punch. Buy and tattoo this filth on your hypothalamus. –Alex Cragun