Local Review: Sinthesis – Movement 4:6

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Movement 4:6

Raincloud Records
Street: 10.31
Sinthesis = Deep Puddle Dynamics + Red Hot Chili Peppers

The vibrant underground hip-hop scenes of the east and west coasts have slowly permeated into the North American interior, sadly Utah has yet to learn from its Midwestern contemporaries how to foster an inclusive hip-hop community. Sinthesis is capable of changing this fact, bridging the desert divide that isolates Zion, and foreshadowing a body of Utah rap groups comfortable enough with their salt city roots to not front emulated gangsterocity. Sinthesis doesn’t simply pander “positive tip” politics, rather, they provide a pensive rap sound scape. Emcee Phaust’s lyrics are spit in a raspy smoker’s baritone and naturally intertwined with Phingaz’ funky fresh acoustic guitar loops. Sampling precisely, Phingaz provides kinetics like the album’s name, which when combined with Phaust’s dark poetics and Phorest’s pant wetting crooning evokes a reflective rainy day. Cute rap phonetics aside, Movement 4:6 is a delightful cohesion of African polyrhythms, group choruses, classical symphonics and jazz epiphany.