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Spirit Tribe
Past The Dawn

Psych Lake City Records
Street: 07.09
Spirit Tribe = The Egocentrics + Ancient Grease

South Jordan–based band Spirit Tribe is back at it again with their second full-length album, Past The Dawn, and the psychedelic trio couldn’t have delivered a better record. The individual talents of Jaron Yancey (guitar/vocals), Taylor Lacey (bass/vocals) and Drew Smith (drums) meld together effortlessly in Past The Dawn to give Spirit Tribe’s followers more of a mature sound while still staying true to their vintage disposition, which was influenced specifically by bands like Cream, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.

From the get-go, the band’s maturity on Past The Dawn is obvious when compared to A Common Tragedy. Within the first 30 seconds of the first track, “Givin’ It All Away,” the rich piano fades into a seductive, catchy guitar riff, followed up by mellow drumming and haunting vocals. It’s an overall bluesy, eerie way to kick off a new album, but it works perfectly, and it made me excited to hear what else Spirit Tribe had in store with this one.

With tracks like “Devil’s Game” and “Jammin’ Bee,” I find that I lose myself in the song because they’re both so hypnotizing. Buried perfectly in the middle of this album, “Devil’s Game” delivers a heaping dose of a certain sludginess, balanced out by the classic, bluesy warmth that “Jammin’ Bee” brings to the table—easily my two favorite songs on the album. Their originality and pizzazz shine while they honor those that came before them.

There’s not a negative thought I could have about Past The Dawn. Every song is unique, yet each flows with the vibe Spirit Tribe exude. It’s just one of those albums with a timeless sound. (The Coffee Shop, 07.24) –Zaina Abujebarah