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Local Review: Sun Fall on Echoes – S/T

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Sun Fall on Echoes

Sun Fall on Echoes = Black Tape for a Blue Girl + Charitona + Ataraxia

Doth thou hear a whisper or an ocean wave? Doth thou see a shadow or succubus? Sun Fall on Echoes self-titled debut album falls somewhere along the lines if Project records hosted a Ren Faire in Cedar City after hiking Mount Timpanogos. The Bury brothers, Robb and Jaa, create noodling guitar atmospheres using a simple acoustic/electric guitar combo with nature sounds in the background. The acoustic guitar keeps beat while the electric guitar troubadour’s ala the soundtrack to Diablo. The music reminds me of one of the last scenes in Errol Morris’ Gates of Heaven in which the pet cemetery’s owner’s son plays some psychedelic rifts on top of a hill facing LA. In this case, it would be on top of Memory Grove facing downtown rising. Technically proficient but at times a little fruitcake-ish, Sun Fall on Echoes has potential. DYNAMITE!