Local Review: T-James – Workin On A Come Up

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Workin On A Come Up 

Street: 11.22.22
T-James = will.i.am + J. Cole

Don’t be fooled by the sick album cover, which depicts a deadpan T-James looking fine in what appears to be a booth in an expensive bar. In this photo, he looks like he means business and shouldn’t be poked or prodded. While there’s a lot of attitude present in his latest album, Workin On A Come Up, most of the record reads as playful and almost goofy. The whimsical sound is incredibly diverse from track to track but always keeps a tasteful beat behind it that matches the theme of the album. Workin On A Come Up is a well produced hip-hop album that represents Salt Lake in a way that’s making noise across the country with listeners from Seattle to St. Louis. 

There are some Latin pop tendencies written in the instrumentation and some of the beats across a few songs. The third track, “Dame El Dinero,” features local artist Suroh and is a full-on Latin hip-hop track. In this track and others, T-James emphasizes the playfulness of the lyrics, delivering jokes that are lighthearted and fun. 

Some of my favorite tracks were slower or darker toned, such as “More” (featuring local artist Silly) and “Slide.” The production of the keyboards in these songs was impeccable, and the instrumentation fits the lyrics like a snug envelope. They are both tracks I could stumble across on rap playlists and add to my own. 

T-James gives “Salt Lake vibes” unlike any other local artist. When compared with other, bigger cities, the difference here in the valley is that every hip-hop artist contributing to the genre is taking up big real estate in a relatively small scene. It’s an exciting time to stand witness to the growth of a new crop of artists. –Mary Culbertson

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